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Artichoke has announced an open call for artists to submit to their fourth season, with the prompt of 'A Real Woman' The gallery asks: "What does it really mean to be a woman? How do women see themselves – in relation to each other and to the rest of the world? How does a woman decide the kind of woman she is? Who’s looking? Who’s judging? What insight might the experience of transgender women provide? We want to hear from any artist who identifies in any way, if they feel they have artistic insight to share."

The 10 selected proposals will be reproduced at scale and displayed for millions to see in public sites traditionally reserved for advertising across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Produced by Artichoke and conceived in collaboration with Creative Director and public artist Martin Firrell, this major project is supported by the Out-of-Home industry. 

Cover image: Home is far away (2022) by Ian Wainaina. The Gallery, Season 3, 2023. Photo by Yves Salmon


Emma Lee is an arts news journalistShe has written for Vogue, The Art Newspaper and The Financial Times and specialises in art news and art market analysis.


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