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This months favourite music, shows, artists and exhibitions - October 2019.


Onwubolu's debut film is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful and politically poignant look into the world of black London youth, postcode wars, and gang rivalry.

This 15-minutes BAFTA award winning short film tells the journey of Jay Wilde, the first farmer in the UK to trade beef farming for sustainable organic vegan farming.


Drawing exclusively from the Westminster Menswear Archive, this vast collection explores the intrinsic invisibility of menswear and its design language - concentrating on the reiterations of archetypal garments intended for specific functional, technical or military use.

McQueen's project is a portrait of London's youth: every primary school is London has sent in a photo of their Year 3 class to create an adorable and visually pleasing exhibit.


Already touted as one of the best albums of the 2010s, Magdalene is a tour-de-force of the British performers' talents and abilities. Religious overtones and deeply personal themes joined with unique melodies and haunting instrumentals leaves listeners breathless.

Upbeat, sexy, and undeniably modern, J Balvin's latest release lies at the peak intersection of trap, latino, and R&B, accompanied by a stunning Colin Tiley-directed music video.


Mike Goldwater's photography captures a decade of London travel, intimacy, and smoking with power and nostalgia.

Image credits: BBC, Invisible Men/University of Westminster, Colin Tiley/Stereogum


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