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This month's favourite shows, music, exhibits and more.


Powerful and intricate, Paramore sweetheart Hayley Williams explodes back onto the scene with the delightful Simmer from her newest project, Petals for Armour.


Morgan's fantastic taxidermy and concrete pieces are a gorgeous yet abstract exploration of constraint and nature.

Du's ability to capture florals is a breathtaking exercise in evocative photography, capturing silky textures and serene colours with a striking beauty.

Winner of his years' Minerva Prize, Blakely's paintings are wonderfully-styled, sardonic looks at British and internet culture.

Cerith Wyn Evans - No realm of thought… No field of vision


Holzemer's documentary is an intricate look at a fashion powerhouse that redefined the fashion work, with a charming editing style and fascinating confessional overtones.

Hilarious, playful and complimented by an absolute powerhouse of a cast, Knives Out is the perfect whoddunit of 2020.


Picasso and Paper

Picasso's long, transformative and fascinating relationship with paper is put on display at the RA with extreme elegance and thought.

The White Cube's space is put to perfect use with Evans' bright, chaotic light installations and brilliant neon sculptures.

Christine Rebet - Time Levitation

The Parasol Unit's final show, Rebet demonstrates a true mastery of stop motion and water-colours as he explores notions of heritage, history and legend.

Image credits: White Cube, Lydia Blakely, Polly Morgan, Christine Rebet


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