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  • Victoria Comstock-Kershaw


This month's favourite shows, music, exhibits and more.


The landscape of gay male eroticism of the early 1970s is explored and redefined by Tom of Finland's masterful and playful photography.

Goldwater's documentation of the commuters, lovers, friends and families of the London Underground is a touching and adorable look into a iconic commute.


The notoriously dark story of a woman who looses it all for her passion is retold with stunning complexity and haunting beauty under Matthew Bourne's fantastic theatrical and ballet directorship.


Pure feminist mayhem exudes from a genuinely powerful and interesting exhibit, mixing messages and mediums concerning everything from the female form to Austrian architecture to childbirth and menstruation.

The Unit London pressent Teiji Hayama's first solo show in all its twisted, grey-scale glory, forcing us to meditate on what it means to interact with the notion of celebrity in a digital age.

The Catherine McCormack-curated show takes an ethereal, enchanting and exciting look at the role of mothers and motherhood in contemporary female art.


"There's a whole lot more for me waiting on the other side." The Most Dope's post-humorous release is a heart-wrenchingly vulnerable and beautifully re-mastered ballad that retains the original Miller funkiness and cheeky lyrical timbre.

Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan's new collaboration with the Humanist project by Mark Lanegan collaborator Rob Marshall exudes a classic grit and moodiness accompaniged by a strobe-lit video directed by Derrick Belcham & Tracy Maurice.

Image credits: Alastair Muir, UV Music, Peter Berlin

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