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This month's favourite shows, music, exhibits and more.


© Marshall Teller Records

Soulful and charming as ever, The Vaccines debut their new EP Cozy Karaoke with a chilled-out indie-rock cover of Kasey Kusgrave's 2018 pop hit.

Featured by queer party collective he.shey.they, Black Girl/White Girl's dizzying new EP is a tour de force of electric vocals, smooth synth and funky energy.

Inspired by Orwell's Shooting an Elephant, the unsettling, psychedelic tones of the firebrand duo's newest album, Carnage, are brought to a crescendo in the topical and menacing White Elephant.


Amsterdam born and based, Kegels' brash silhouettes and handsome textures are a beautiful exploration of both fashion and function.

The beautiful and eerie paintings of British painter Anne Rothenstein were recently exhibited at the Beaux Arts Gallery in London in a shimmering display of bizarre yet tender portraiture.

© Julie Kegels/Anton Fayle

Films and Television

Michel Ocelot's first dive into non-animation film is a beautiful and endearing snapshot of the phenomenally talented Pablo Legasa as he dances above and along the Paris skyline.

The MCU's latest addition is a charming but disturbing quagmire that balances sitcom humour with uncanny superhero depth.

Rosamund Pike dazzles in Netflix's Funny, touching and deeply nihilist film about fraud and family.


L—A City Through Its People brings together three distinct exhibitions, the combined archives of which cover a time period of Liverpool from the 1950s to the present day. Spanning evolutions in industry, society, and leisure at a time of rapid change and challenge, they share unique approaches and perspectives in telling a story about Liverpool, its people, and the ideals that lend the city charm and a distinct personality.

For her debut solo exhibition in the UK, Tajima presents new paintings, textile works, and sculptures that focus on psychic and bodily energy under the regulation of technocapitalism.


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