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Discover this month's favourite shows, exhibitions, music and more in London.

Kevin McNamee-Tweed | Cornela Parker | Adamma Ebo


Louise Giovanelli: As If, Almost

White Cube Bermondsey | 8 Jul-11 Sep 2022

Louise Giovanelli presents a body of new work at White Cube Bermondsey, in which she explores contemporary modes of devotion and worship, reworking and closely cropping details taken from sources including paintings, film stills and images of popular performers. Giovanelli works in series, returning repeatedly to the same imagery to evoke an uncanny, augmented reality, urging the audience to look again.

Filippo Caramazza: Guston Reloaded

Handel Street Projects | 10 Jun-16 Sep 2022

Philip Guston Now was pulled earlier by its four sponsoring art museums – pre-empting its reception – for fear of what some of the images in Guston’s work could unleash in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. In presenting a series of post-card sized paintings, oils on copper plates, that sample Guston’s oeuvre, Caramazza – and by extension, Handel Street Projects – hitch a ride on the back of that history. Caramazza's reloading comprises small-scale, painted reproductions of other artists’ work, often sourced in post-card form or as found in catalogues.

Cornelia Parker: Light Passes, Shadows Fall

Cristea Roberts Gallery | 14 Jul-17 Sep 2022

Fascinated by the physical properties and the histories of objects and materials, Parker uses printmaking to breathe new life into found objects, exploring ideas of the positive versus negative and the compression of three-dimensional objects into the two-dimensional. Further works are made up of layers of blots and spatters, created by ice or by Parker spitting mouthfuls of tequila directly onto prepared plates. Other objects that appear in the prints include thistles, beheaded flowers, salt cellars, sugar bowls, broken jugs, smashed coffee pots, empty medicine bottles and drinking glasses arranged in various assemblages. More recently Parker has developed her use of ultraviolet light, so that mysterious and unusual shadows are thrown across the surfaces of the prints.

Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Vessel

Cob Gallery | 3 Sep-1 Oct 2022

Cob Gallery presents a selection of new ceramic paintings by American artist Kevin McNamee-Tweed. The intimately scaled works depict human, animal and inanimate subjects in tenderly dramatic vignettes. With pathos and humor, they reveal fragments of wider narratives while focusing on moments of existential disquiet, incidental poignancy or confounding delight.

Sophie Von Hellermann: Out of Time

Pilar Corrias | 1 Sep-24 Sep 2022

Hellerman's romantic, pastel-washed canvases draw inspiration from fables, legends and classical mythology. She applies pure pigment directly onto unprimed canvas, using broad-brushed washes to imbue her paintings with a sense of weightlessness.

(c) Glare Grogan


The Black Angels: Wilderness Of Mirrors

Texan psych-rockers The Black Angels return for album number six, a bleak and dark exploration of a world going to hell, yet one still worth fighting for via a hypnotic desert-psych sound of incantations.

Altered Images - Mascara Streakz

80s-influenced electropop gets a contemporary makeover as erstwhile giggly teen Grogan returns stronger than ever after 39 years.

Julia Jacklin - Pre Pleasure

The Australian singer-songwriter presides between confessional and observational on her arresting third album.



The Deportation of a Model Citizen

Concise and hard-hitting look into the effects of deportation on the personal and political psyches of communities and individuals with a stunning musical score by Anna Roemer and Rasmus Juncker.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Writer/director Adamma Ebo’s look at commercial spirituality is the perfect mockumentary, balancing humour, fact and satire in a whirlwind comedy that presents a surprisingly layered look into a complex topic.


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