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  • Victoria Comstock-Kershaw


This weeks favourite music, shows, artists and exhibitions - Friday 18/01/19.


A fascinating glimpse into the minds and creative processes of two of the most significant artists of the early 20th century. The collaboration with the Albertina Museum in Vienna marks the centenary of both artists’ deaths, and is a grand and unique collection of sketches, drafts, and portraits.


Moving, dreamy, and somber, Lana del Rey's ode to Sylvia Plath (and to herself) is both hauntingly dark and refreshingly honest.


CB Hoyo's artwork both satirises and celebrates the niceties and nastiness of the art world in a biting, funny, and deeply self aware fashion.


A must-see West End favourite, the hysterically funny and beautiful choreographed play somehow manages to make slapstick comedy and theatrical fuck-ups funny for two hours. Tickets on sale from £23.50, running October 2019.

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