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phosphorescence, of my local lore at South Parade presents an exhibition that brings together the talents of Brussels-based artist Carole Ebtinger and London-based Esther Gatón. Complemented by a thoughtful text from Lucy Rose Cunningham, the painter-sculptor duo show highlights the convergence of painting and sculpture, exploring the potential of existing in transitional spaces and the ability to traverse dynamic landscapes.

Carole Ebtinger's paintings create a captivating atmosphere within the gallery. Using a palette of blues, purples, golds, and greens, Ebtinger's brushstrokes evoke the essence of a tranquil pool or the hazy ambience of a meadow. These surfaces, laden with emotion, serve as a visual narrative, prompting reflections on past experiences—moments shared with loved ones, heartbreak, and self-discovery through meditative processes.

In tandem with Ebtinger's expressive paintings, Esther Gatón's sculptures contribute dynamic, shifting shapes suspended and enveloped in bioplastic. Gatón's creations draw inspiration from the organic world, resembling moss, mold, and sprawling fungi. The sculptures form a makeshift ark, a vessel navigating towards or away from alternate worlds and times, suggesting a sense of both departure and arrival. Gatón's unregulated artistic process involves repurposing found objects and materials collected during daily wanderings, emphasizing the significance of environments, atmospheres, and lived experiences—marking moments of opportunity and change.

Lucy Rose Cunningham's accompanying text provides a nuanced layer of interpretation to the exhibition, guiding visitors through the interconnected realms of Ebtinger and Gatón's artistic endeavors. The show at South Parade invites viewers to engage with the dialogue between painting and sculpture, encouraging contemplation on the fluidity of spaces and the ever-changing nature of artistic expression.

Carole Ebtinger, born in 1995 in Vietnam and currently residing in Brussels, is a Vietnamese-French artist known for her exploration of shifting landscapes. Her recent solo exhibitions include "Tous Mes Jardins" at SarahBrook Gallery in Los Angeles (2023) and "Les Terres Rares," part of the Eeckman Art Prize exhibition at Bozar in Brussels (2021). Carole, who earned her Masters in Drawing from La Cambre in Brussels in 2018, received the Eeckman Art Prize from Art on Paper, Brussels, in 2021.

Esther Gatón, born in 1988 in Valladolid, is a Spanish-born artist dividing her time between Madrid and London. With a focus on film, sculpture, and writing, Gatón holds a prestigious PhD cum laude title from the Faculty of Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her recent group exhibitions in 2023 include "STRAY Voltage" at KINGS Melbourne, "Concretos" at MUSAC León, and "CAVE" at Fondations312 Brussels. In October 2023, she launched her publication "Emil Lime" at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Lucy Rose Cunningham delves into the holistic embrace of language, utilizing voices and field recordings to reflect the interconnectedness between people and the spaces they inhabit. Her performances have graced prestigious venues such as Leeds Art Gallery, The Hepworth Gallery Wakefield, South London Gallery, and HuMBase, Stuttgart. Additionally, Cunningham is the author of the pamphlet "For Mary, Marie, Maria: After the Nectar, Pyre, and Linden Tree," published by Broken Sleep Books in 2021.

phosphorescence of my local lore is running from November 23, 2023, to January 13, 2024, at South Parade.


Emma Lee is an arts news journalist for FETCH London. She has written for Vogue, The Art Newspaper and The Financial Times and specialises in art news and art market analysis.


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