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Scheduled for January, Sotheby's will present Visions of America, a ten week-long series of auctions, events, and experiences showcasing American craftsmanship from private collections and institutions. Partnering with American fashion designer Thom Browne, Chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Sotheby's aims to curate a selection of nine works that reflect Browne's collecting vision and offer a broad view of American artistry and culture.

Browne, who is also the founder and head of design for Thom Browne, a luxury fashion brand based in New York City, reflects on the American identity, stating, "[America] is diversity and freedom. I think being American sometimes means the freedom to create something new, to do things that are true to yourself."

Image: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Featuring over 500 examples of American art and objects spanning centuries, the collection includes fine furniture, fashion, decorative arts, folk art, paintings, silver, Chinese export ceramics, prints, historic maps, whiskey, and books. The auctions will take place live and online in New York, providing a platform for collectors to explore various facets of American creativity.

Sotheby's, in collaboration with CFDA, will host an auction featuring looks from American designers. Ranging from red-carpet evening attire to streetwear, the auction's proceeds will support the CFDA Foundation, benefiting scholarships and business mentoring for emerging American designers. Thom Browne, as Chairman of the CFDA and Visions of America curator, will be a featured voice to promote the sale as a leading offering and new concept from Visions of America.

Cover photo: Maurizio Cattelan/Pierpaolo Ferrari


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