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Glitz. Glamour. Shimmer. These words aptly describe Rocky Star’s 2024-25 Fall/Winter collection, Moonlight Enigma, at London Fashion Week 2024. The collection was a breathtaking display of opulence and grandeur, adorned with spellbinding dresses that left us mesmerized. 

Star is one of the most celebrated contemporary fashion designers in India, with a massive fan following on Instagram. His exceptional designs have been worn by many renowned Bollywood celebrities, solidifying his position as one of the leading designers in the country. The title, Moonlight Enigma, was inspired by “midnight shine” and the collection influenced by Star’s aim that “everything shimmer in a mysterious way”. Taking inspiration from Nordic sartorial traditions, the dresses were filled with antique embroidery and botanical motifs; hallmarks of Rocky’s designs.

Shades of metallic black or brown dominated the F/W24 collection, further adorned with intricate embroidery work in either golden or silver tones, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the overall aesthetic of the collection. The embroidery in particular showcasing the exceptional talent of Star's team in creating these surreal garments. Taking influence from Gothic, Baroque, and Neo-Victorian time periods for his designs, the choice of St John’s Church in Hyde Park as the venue for the runway show was the ideal venue; the Anglican church becoming an absolutely divine backdrop for the runway.

Images courtesy of Black PR.

The F/W24 collection was a perfect cross-cultural blend of traditional Indian designs and contemporary fashion. For Star, the brand’s ethos lies in being “very sexy and mysterious. A woman [who] wants to stand out in the crowd- that is who a Rocky Star woman is.” When asked about his designing process, he emphasized the importance of “staying true to his individuality and Indian roots,” which he “will always carry forward.”

Rocky Star is a fashion designer who has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and creating innovative designs. He is constantly exploring new territories in fashion, and his designs reflect his passion for fashion and creativity. His approach to fashion is unique, drawing inspiration from previous eras while reviving them in his own style. Star has been showcasing his designs at LFW since 2016 and believes that his journey is getting better with time. He says, “People are loving me more and more!”


Avantika Pathania is a writer based in London with an interest in fashion, and modern and contemporary art. 


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