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Bekk performing in 2023

DJ Louis Bekk and his co-founder, Jan De Corte, have announced their next show Louis Bekk & Friends, scheduled for February 16th at 229 London. The group has previously played to sold-out audiences at venues such as L’Olympia, Maroto, and Bonnie Paris in France, sharing the stage with notable artists including Steve Angelo, Mike Williams, Hugel, W&W, Bakermat, Blondish, and Merk&Kremont.

The core of their movement was born of a strong desire within the local community for more intimate gatherings amidst the bustling nightlife of Mayfair and to create events that eschewed the elitism often associated with upscale venues, where attendees are judged by the contents of their wallets or the size of their Instagram followings. Instead, they seek to cultivate a sense of community around the music itself. DJ Mag has noted "It is so rare to see such a strong community behind such a fresh project. Louis Bekk shows us once again that magic can really happen when true talent meets the right audience".

Tickets are available for purchase here.


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