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The UK's first and only LGBTQ+ museum, Queer Britain, has announced its first Community Residency Programme in collaboration with Traveller Pride and doctoral researcher Shaan Knan. From February to April 2024, members of the Traveller+ community will participate in six hybrid sessions at Queer Britain, marking the beginning of an initiative aimed at addressing the erasure of underrepresented histories within the LGBTQ+ community.

The residency series is in collaboration with LGBT Traveller Pride, a network dedicated to supporting and informing LGBT+ Travellers. Tyler Hatwell, Executive Director & Founder, reflecting on the significance of the program, states, "Travellers in the UK are very rarely in control of our representation. Stories are told on our behalf, we are spoken about but it is rare for us to be the ones driving the narratives. The chance for us to be here and challenge this, look at what stories we want told and how we want to belong in wider society, is a very exciting one."

Over the upcoming year, Queer Britain plans on hosting three community groups for residencies at the museum. This initiative provides historically marginalized groups with access to the studio space, galleries, and the museum's collection for a comprehensive three-month research period. Participants will utilize this opportunity to develop research and creative skills, ultimately producing works in various forms, such as a zine, installation, or performance piece. The resulting creations will be archived in Queer Britain's collection. By archiving the works created by underrepresented communities into the museum's collection, the initiative seeks to prevent further historical erasure of LGBTQIA+ histories and experiences.

Nan Dorrego Carreira, Queer Britain's Programming and Community Events Manager, emphasises the program's significance, stating, "This project will start our first Community Residency Programme, meant to address the erasure of underrepresented histories within our LGBTQ+ community, amplifying their voices and experiences for a more inclusive future."

The call is open to individuals aged 18 and above who identify as both queer and Traveller+. Romani artists Váradi Béla and Gemma Lees will also deliver two of the sessions.

Cover image: Joseph Mitchell via Cambridshire Live


Victoria Comstock-Kershaw is a contemporary arts writer and art critic based in London.


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