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Chroma Cut brings forth a collection of new works by Tycjan Knut in his second solo exhibition at Cadogan Gallery, marking a continuation of the artist's exploration into gradients and structures. Employing gradients to simulate light direction and mimic reflective structures, the artworks aim to generate a sense of depth. The color field figures, carved into geometric forms, occasionally incorporate optical illusions that opaquely suggest the existence of shadows.

Tycjan Knut, Chroma cut 13, Acrylic on linen | Tycjan Knut, Chroma cut 6, Acrylic on linen | Tycjan Knut, Chroma cut 10, Acrylic on linen

Fundamentally centered on the relationship between gradients, structures, and their background, the exhibition integrates incisions into the primary color fields, blurring the lines between foreground and background in an adherence to spatialist principles.

A recent foray into experimenting with blue pigments adds a layer of complexity to the compositions in this exhibition, though without necessarily elevating them. The resulting works, while showcasing technical proficiency, do not shy away from challenging conventions, inviting viewers to navigate the nuanced interplay between color, form, and spatial dynamics. Chroma Cut reflects the artist's ongoing exploration, pushing the boundaries of perception within the realm of color and structure.

Chroma Cut is exhibiting from 21 November to 23 December 2024 at Cadogan Gallery.


Emma Lee is an arts news writer for FETCH London. She has written for Vogue, The Art Newspaper and The Financial Times and specialises in art news and art market analysis.


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