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UV Arts C.I.C and Raymond Boner and Aches, Derry Girls (2019) Orchard Street, Derry, County Londonderry 

ArtUK has announced the launch of a new project aimed at raising awareness of murals and street art across communities in the UK. Scheduled to commence in January 2024 and run until December 2026, the three-year program will focus on documenting and photographing approximately 5,000 murals throughout the country. These murals, encompassing various mediums such as paint, concrete, brick, wood, stone, and tile, will be freely accessible on the ArtUK website.

Murals, found both outdoors and indoors in public spaces like shopping centers, railway stations, churches, and museums, often face the threat of removal, defacement, or environmental damage. The project aims to capture these artworks as they currently exist, serving as a record for future reference. In addition to digitisation efforts, the project will feature community and school activities, including workshops, films, and learning resources. Audio descriptions for blind and partially sighted individuals will enhance accessibility, while mural trails and curated collections on the ArtUK website.

Two key partners, CultureStreet and VocalEyes, will contribute to the project's success. CultureStreet will produce films exploring the art form with young people and artists, while VocalEyes will conduct a training program to create audio descriptions of murals for the visually impaired.

Marina Capdevila, Community Mural (2021) Church Walk, Basildon, Essex


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